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Doctors Relocate: CV template

This may be your first time applying for a job in the UK so, to make things a little easier for you, we’ve created a CV template which you can use. With this, you’ll have a ready made CV structure that you’ll just need to input your details onto.

To request a copy of our Doctors Relocate CV template, contact us.

Tips for writing a professional medical CV

Use clear headers for each section

Having clear headers for each section of your CV will allow the reader to easily navigate through your CV.

Have a career statement

We’d recommend having a career statement at the top of your CV detailing your professional career objectives.

Present your experience in a logical order

It’s important to list all of your professional experience in a logical order, beginning with your current or most recent position.

Ensure that your employment dates are correct

Accompany your employment history with your employment dates for each position. It’s great if you have the exact dates however, just inputting the the month and year is also fine.

Explain any gaps in your employment history

Any gaps of employment in your CV should be explained, particularly if they are for one month or more.

Be detailed when explaining your experience

Thoroughly detail your job role and experience for each position which you’ve held and add supporting information that evidences your suitability for the role which you’re applying to.

Maintain consistent formatting

Use few different fonts and colours. CV’s with numerous fonts, layouts and colours can be off-putting for potential employers.

Keep your CV concise

The most effective CVs aren’t just informative, they’re also clear and concise.

Check for errors

Prior to sending your CV out, thoroughly check for any errors.

Ask your recruiter at Doctors Relocate for their opinion and advice

Our team would be happy to discuss your CV with you and provide you with advice. Speak with your recruiter or, alternatively, send a copy of your CV to:

If you’re interested in finding a post in the UK, contact our team to discuss your situation – and the opportunities available to you – in further detail.