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How to prepare for a video interview

Tips on how to successfully prepare for an online NHS interview

  1. Choose a suitable location

You should choose a quiet and suitable location, with minimal distractions, for your NHS video interview. You’ll want the panel to focus on you, so it’s best to choose a tidy room with a neutral background and good light lighting (either by natural light or a nearby light source).

2. Check your set up and technology

Once you’ve chosen a suitable location for your interview, you should prepare your set up and check that your technology is working.

  • It’s extremely important that your location has a good internet connection and that you understand the video conferencing platform which is being used for the interview.
  • Update your software, if required, and test your computer’s camera and audio – Your camera should be placed where the upper third of your body is visible to the interviewing panel.
  • On the day of the video interview, ensure that your computer or phone is fully charged or plugged in, as you don’t want the battery to run down during the interview!

3. Minimise interruptions

Demonstrate your professionalism and allow the interviewers to focus on your answers; Silence or turn off your phone, close any software on your computer that might play notification sounds, stop any alarms that may go off and, if you live with other people, make sure that they’re aware of your interview and remind them to keep their noise levels down.

4. Dress smartly

Be sure to dress comfortably but smartly for your interview. Although your interview may not be in-person, you should consider dressing in the same professional way that you would at an in-person interview.

5. Make preparation notes

Have a copy of your CV with you and read the job description prior to the interview – Make notes about your suitability for the post and any questions which you may want to ask the interviewers.

6. Do a practice call

Familiarise yourself with the technology which you’ll be using by doing a practice call with the team at Doctors Relocate – This will help you determine whether your location is suitable and whether your lighting, audio or camera angles need adjusting.

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