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An overview of: Bradford

Where is Bradford?

Bradford is located in West Yorkshire, England. It’s situated in the foothills of the Pennines, approximately 8.6 miles west of Leeds.

As part of the West Yorkshire Urban Area, it is the fourth-largest in the United Kingdom. Historically a significant centre for the textile industry, Bradford has since evolved into a hub of culture and diversity.

About the region

Bradford is nestled within West Yorkshire, a vibrant metropolitan county in the heart of northern England. Renowned for its industrial past, West Yorkshire was once a textile stronghold, with towns like Bradford and Huddersfield at its epicenter. Today, it seamlessly blends its rich history with modernity. The county boasts major urban centers like Leeds, a dynamic hub for finance and digital industries, and Wakefield, known for its art and historical landmarks. With a tapestry of bustling cities, verdant landscapes, and a network of educational institutions, including the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire stands as a testament to the region’s evolution from industrial might to contemporary vitality.


Bradford is well-connected by various modes of transport, making it accessible from different parts of the UK.

  • Car: The M62 motorway is the primary east-west route connecting Bradford to cities like Manchester (to the west) and Leeds (to the east). The A650, A647, and A658 are other major roads serving Bradford.
  • Train: Bradford Interchange: This is one of the city’s main train stations and serves as a hub for both rail and bus services. It connects Bradford to cities including Leeds, Manchester, and further afield.
  • Air: Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) is located roughly 6 miles northeast of Bradford, LBA is the closest airport to the city. It offers both domestic and international flights.
  • Bus: Besides serving as a rail hub, Interchange is a primary bus terminal providing local and regional bus services. Numerous bus companies operate in the region, offering connections to towns and cities across West Yorkshire and beyond.
  • Nearby Transport Hubs: Being a larger neighbouring city, Leeds has more extensive rail connections. If a direct train to Bradford is unavailable from your starting point, you could potentially travel to Leeds and then take a short train ride to Bradford.

Living in the area

Bradford, in West Yorkshire, offers a diverse range of housing options, from Victorian terraced houses reflecting its rich textile past to modern apartments in the city centre. Due to its industrial legacy, the city has several converted mill apartments, blending historic charm with contemporary comfort.

Bradford has been known for its affordability in comparison to other major UK cities; residents often find that their money goes further in Bradford than in many other regions of the UK.


Early Years and Primary Education: Bradford has numerous primary schools and early-year settings. Primary education caters to children from ages 4 to 11 (Reception to Year 6).

Secondary Education: Pupils move on to secondary schools from the age of 11, typically completing their education there at age 16 (Year 7 to Year 11). Bradford has a mix of comprehensive, faith-based, and academy schools.

Post-16 and Further Education: For those wishing to continue education post-16, several sixth form colleges and further education institutions offer A-Levels, BTECs, and vocational courses. Bradford College is one of the notable institutions in this sector.

Special Educational Needs (SEN): Bradford provides support for children with special educational needs and disabilities, with specific schools and integrated facilities in mainstream schools tailored to these needs.

University Level: The University of Bradford offers higher education opportunities in a wide range of disciplines.


Bradford offers a plethora of leisure activities that resonate with its rich history and diverse culture. The city is home to the National Science and Media Museum, reflecting its designation as the world’s first UNESCO City of Film. The stunning Alhambra Theatre hosts top-class performances, while the local curry houses, renowned throughout the UK, promise a culinary treat. With the picturesque countryside of the Yorkshire Dales, just a short drive away and events like the Bradford Literature Festival, leisure in Bradford is a blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty.


Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust oversees healthcare services in Bradford.

It operates major facilities like the Bradford Royal Infirmary and St. Luke’s Hospital, delivering a broad spectrum of medical services to the community.

Employing thousands, from clinical professionals to support staff, the Trust is committed to providing high-quality care, continually engaging in research initiatives to enhance patient outcomes.

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