GMC Registration

Certificates of Good Standing for GMC registration

Certificates of Good Standing are essential documents in the process of GMC registration. It serves as a formal confirmation to regulators in foreign countries, assuring that a doctor maintains a favourable standing with the GMC in the UK. We have written this article to help your understanding of what a Certificate of Good Standing is for and how you request one.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing for?

A Certificate of Good Standing is a detailed record of your professional status when issued. It includes key information like your current registration, license status, and history of gaining full registration. Your identifying details, such as your full name and GMC number, are presented for easy verification. This includes detailing any practice restrictions they may have in the UK. Moreover, the CGS goes beyond the current status, incorporating information on past restrictions that are no longer active, aligning with the transparency standards outlined in the Publication and Disclosure Policy of the GMC.

Regulators in other countries use these documents, also called Certificates of Current Professional Status (CCPS), to assess applications for practice. The CGS is essential for recognising a doctor’s professional standing across borders, ensuring a thorough evaluation of their qualifications and adherence to ethical standards.

How do I request a COGS?

If you are planning on applying for registration in another country, the GMC can send a Certificate of Good Standing directly to the relevant medical regulator. You can request this by accessing your GMC Online account. It’s important to note that the GMC can only fulfil this request if you currently hold or have previously held registration with them. To proceed with the request, log into your GMC Online account and navigate to the ‘My Registration’ section on the left-hand menu. Then choose ‘My CCPS requests’. Selecting this option will guide you through the process of requesting and dispatching the Certificate of Good Standing to support your international registration.

If you’re registered with the GMC and don’t have an online account, you’ll need to create one. For those with an existing account who haven’t logged in since August 2021, an account update is required.

Upon sending the certificate, the GMC will email you confirmation.

Typically, requests are processed within 10 days. To ensure you receive your CGS promptly, refrain from making the request too early, considering the certificate is valid for three months from the date of issue.

If for any reason, you cannot be provided with a CGS, the GMC will contact you.

Who does the Certificate of Good Standing get sent to?

As of 2020, the GMC implemented a policy where they will only send a CGS directly to another medical regulatory authority. This is in alignment with their policy to disclose fitness to practise sanctions indefinitely on a CCPS/CGS. If an employer or any organisation needs confirmation of your registration status with the GMC, we recommend directing them to the GMC’s medical register. There, they can find information about your registration and licence status, fitness-to-practise history, and any conditions, warnings, or restrictions on your registration since October 20, 2005, in line with the GMC’s Publication and Disclosure Policy.

If you planning to apply for registration to practice in another country, you can identify the relevant medical regulatory authority to contact by using this database:

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