Living in the UK

Preparing for winter in the UK

If you’re preparing to relocate to the UK during winter, or you’re new to the UK and haven’t yet experienced winter weather here, then this guide has been written to assist you in preparing for winter in the UK.

Winter weather in the UK

The British winter days are quite short; sunrise is around 7-8am and the sun sets again around 4pm.

Temperatures through winter are quite dependent on the region in which you will be based in the UK, however, they usually range from 0 to 13°C (32° – 55°F). Through January and February, rainfall can be frequent – so an umbrella is highly recommended – but sunny days do occur throughout winter as well (although temperatures will still be quite cold).

Which clothes should I wear during winter?

During the winter months, it’s best to wear layers of clothing to help keep you warm, particularly clothing with natural fibres like wool or fleece. It’s also advisable to wear a warm, waterproof, coat when going outside.

Other clothing items which we recommend that you wear during winter include:

  • Raincoats
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Sweaters & jumpers
  • Thick socks
  • Wellies

The vast majority of high street shops will have large collections of winter clothing available, however, the below websites are quite popular for the above-mentioned items!

Things to do this winter

There are plenty of things to do across the UK during the winter months. We’ve listed just a few suggestions below!

  • Go for a stroll in a wintry countryside scene
  • Go skating at an ice rink
  • Hike through the Pennines
  • Visit some of the UK’s most popular cities (like London, York, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Belfast).
  • Enjoy England’s natural hot springs in the city of Bath
  • Visit some of the UK’s best aquariums

You can also visit one of the UK’s numerous Christmas markets during the festive season, including:

  • Birmingham Christmas Market
  • Southbank Winter Festival
  • Leeds’ Winter Favourites
  • Manchester Christmas Markets
  • Winchester Christmas Market
  • Lincoln Christmas Market
  • York Christmas Market

Driving in the UK during winter

Breakdowns and road traffic accidents are more common during the winter when road conditions are more challenging. During particularly cold days, some roads are prone to be covered in ice, sleet and sometimes snow, so it’s highly recommended to drive slower and do manoeuvres gently. Stopping distances can be up to 10 times longer when the roads are icy and you should allow extra time for winter journeys, and give yourself around 10 minutes to de-ice the vehicle before driving away. It can also be a good idea to plan your route around major roads as they are more likely to be cleared and gritted to prevent ice.

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