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Registering with a GP and Dentist in the UK

A guide to registering with a GP and Dentist in the UK.

Registering with a GP

GP surgeries are usually the first contact if you have a health problem. They can treat many conditions, give health advice and refer you to other NHS services.

How can I find GP surgeries in my area?

Before you can register with a GP surgery, you will need to identify the GP surgeries that are based in your area. You can search for GPs by town, city or postcode using this website: NHS – Find a GP.

Once you’ve identified the GP surgeries near to you, you can see what they offer and how they compare (as some GP surgeries offer more services than others).

How can I contact the GP surgery to register with them?

To register with a GP, you can:

  • Call the GP surgery and ask to be registered
  • Check the GP surgery website
  • Visit the GP surgery and ask to be registered (because of coronavirus, try to avoid going to a GP surgery to register).
Which documents will I need to register with a GP surgery?

You do not need proof of ID to register with a GP, however, it can be helpful to have one or more of the following documents to hand:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • HC2 certificate
  • Accommodation registration or mail forwarding letter

You may be asked to complete a GMS1 registration form. You can download this document by clicking here.

How will I know if I’ve been registered?

Once you’ve completed the registration forms required by the GP, you are likely to receive a registration confirmation letter to your address. This will also contain your NHS number.

Can I change GP surgery if I move?

Yes, you can change GP surgery if you need to. You should tell the GP surgery if you change address or move out of the area.

Can a GP surgery refuse to register me?

Yes, a GP surgery can refuse to register you. This may, for example, be because they are not taking any new patients or you live outside the practice boundary and they are not accepting patients from out of their area.

If you have problems registering with a GP surgery you can:

  • call the NHS England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 22 33
  • contact your local Healthwatch

Registering with a Dentist

Unlike GP surgeries, Dentists are not bound to a catchment area. You just need to find a dental surgery that’s convenient for you and contact them to register.

How can I find an NHS dental surgery to register with them?

You can find NHS dental surgeries using this website: NHS – Find a Dentist.

Dental surgeries will not always have the capacity to take on new NHS patients, so you may have to:

  • Join a waiting list
  • Look for a different dentist who is taking on new NHS patients
  • Be seen privately
How can I contact the GP surgery to register with them?

Once you’ve found a dental surgery, you should either call or visit them to ask to be registered. It’s likely that you’ll have to fill in a registration form on your first visit.

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