Living in the UK

Urgent and Emergency Care Services

This article details which numbers you can call for the right assistance in an emergency in the UK.

The main emergency services available in the UK

There are three main emergency services available in the UK. These are the:

  • Police service
  • Fire service
  • Ambulance service

To access these services, you can call 999 or 112. These numbers are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

If you are deaf, hearing impaired or have a speech impediment then you can also contact the emergency services via SMS by registering your phone on the emergencySMS website. British Sign Language (BSL) speakers can make a free video call to 999 using the 999 BSL website or app.

When to call 999

Call 999 to access Police, Ambulance or Fire services for emergencies. You should call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk.

Non-Emergency Contact numbers

111: Non-emergency number for the NHS

NHS 111 is a line for quick medical help in a non-life-threatening situation. They can help if you have an urgent medical problem that is not an emergency issue and you’re not sure what to do.

101: Non-emergency number for the police

101 can be called to report a crime that is not an emergency. For example:

  • Your car or property has been stolen
  • Your property has been damaged
  • You suspect drug use or related crime in your neighborhood
  • Share information about crime in your area
  • Speak to the police

You should always call 999 when it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is a danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

For more information regarding the urgent and emergency services available, visit this website.