Visas and Immigration

TB testing for visa applicants

You may be required to take a TB test as part of your visa application to work in the UK. This article provides information about TB testing for visa applicants.

Countries where you need a TB test for a UK visa application

For a list of the countries where you need a TB test for a UK visa application, click here.

Are there specific clinics that I’ll need to use for my TB test?

You must be tested in a clinic approved by the Home Office.

Some countries do not have approved testing centres and so you will need to test in a nearby country.

Who doesn’t need to be tested?

You do not need to be TB tested if any of the following apply:

  • You’re a diplomat accredited to the UK
  • You’re a returning UK resident and have been away for no longer than 2 years
  • You lived for at least 6 months in a country where TB screening is not required by law, and you’ve been away from that country for no longer than 6 months

What happens at a TB test appointment?

During your TB test, you will have a chest x-ray to look for tuberculosis. If you have an unclear result, you may need to give a sputum sample (phlegm coughed up from your lungs). If your test comes back clear of tuberculosis, you will then receive a certificate.

How long is my TB certificate valid, for visa application purposes?

Your certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of your x-ray. You must include this certificate with your UK visa application.

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